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Hector Valdez Wins By Unanimous Decision Against Josue Morales On GoldenBoy/DAZN

Photo credit to Tom Hogan

Valdez, a super bantamweight, is continuing to move up the ladder as a top prospect with GoldenBoy Promotions.

From the beginning round, Valdez put the pressure on the southpaw Morales with his jab and connected to the body. At the end of the first round, Valdez rocked Morales with a straight right hand that snapped his head back but he was still able to finish the round.

As the fight progressed in the early rounds, Valdez began to double up his punches and started going to the body of the slick Morales.

The southpaw Morales, held his own in the early rounds of the scheduled eight round fight and occasionally would go to the body of Valdez but with no effect.

Valdez kept up the pressure the entire fight and the elusive Morales was always backing up and counter punching.

In the fourth round, Valdez started to go to the body of morales and slipping in short uppercuts to the jaw of Morales. At the halfway point of the fight, Valdez landed a straight hand to the head of Morales and followed it up with punches to the body.

From this point on, Morales was constantly in a defensive survival mode until the end of the fight as the undefeated Valdez continued to stalk him around the ring.

The unanimous decision went to "El Travieso" Hector Valdez from Dallas, Texas and the final scorecard was 80-72 80-72 79-73. Keep an eye out for Valdez' next fight on GoldenBoy promotions.


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