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Gilberto "Zurdo" Ramirez Stops Gonzalez By TKO

[Photos by Stacey Snyder]

Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez (43-0, 29 KOs) from Mazatlan, Mexico and Yunieski Gonzalez (21-4, 17 KOs), from Cuba, put on one of the most exciting fights of the year from beginning to end in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday night.

In the very first round, fists were flying and Gonzalez came out fast and began landing bombs against the tall and durable Ramirez, but he took it well and came back with ones of his own.

As the fight continued in front of fans for both fighters, Ramirez' punches began to land with much more accuracy and at the end of the third, Gonzalez was rocked by a vicious punch by Ramirez and he appeared unsteady as he went back to his corner.

In the beginning of the fourth round, Ramirez began to put the pressure on as he forced the fight and landed a hard left hook to the head of Gonzalez that backed him up and wobbled him for a second.

Despite the flurry of punches by Ramirez, the tough and very durable Gonzalez took all that Ramirez sent his way and he was still able to land a few punches.

In the fifth and sixth rounds, both fighters traded power punches and Gonzalez appeared to have gained his balance as he continued to throw punches and take punches in the fight.

In the seventh round, Ramirez was connecting with his jab and at the end of the round, as Gonzalez missed a right hand in close, his head clashed with Ramirez' chin at the end of the round, which shook Ramirez. A very unusual ending to the round.

If you took your eyes off the fight, it was possible that you would have missed something exciting and the fans never took that chance as they continued chanting for Ramirez and for Gonzalez.

In the eighth round, Ramirez was landing numerous jabs to the head of Gonzalez and he followed them up with his left hand, and at the end of the round, Gonzalez landed a chopping straight left hand that wobbled Gonzalez at the end of the round.

In the beginning of the ninth round, Ramirez slowly backed up the Cuban with his jab as he landed right hands on Gonzalez. Then Ramirez landed a big body punch on Gonzalez that appeared to slow him down momentarily.

In the tenth round, Zurdo continued to back up Gonzalez with his jab as he followed him around the ring. Then he landed a chopping right hook that wobbled Gonzalez and Ramirez followed that up with a barrage of punches and the referee stepped in and stopped the fight at 1:23 of the round.

At the post-fight press conference, Zurdo said "I am ready for the next challenge, I want Bivol. He can't run anymore, I am coming for him."


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