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Estrada Wins Title From Chocolatito

Photos by Stacey Snyder

In one of the most exciting fights of the year, Juan Francisco Estrada (42-3, 28 KO's)

evened the score by winning a controversial fight against Roman "Chocolatito" Gonzalez (50-3, 41 KO's) to add the WBA Super World Flyweight Title to his WBC flyweight title.

With Chocolatito always moving forward and connecting with combinations, Estrada countered with his own and both showed the world the sweet science at it's highest level.

Both fighters hadn't met in the ring since 2012 when Chocolatito defeated Estrada for the WBA flyweight title.

In 2019, Estrada won the WBC flyweight title and after a long nine years, he finally met up with Chocolatito, the former pound for pound fighter in the world.

In the second round, Chocolatito picked up the pace and landed several clean straight right hands to win the round.

In the third and fourth rounds, both fighters held their ground and were putting on a magnificent exhibition of boxing for the lucky few that were in attendance at the American Airlines, but hundreds of thousands were able to see the fight on DAZN.

Also in the third round, Chocolatito continued to let his right hand go and Estrada finished the round with his own right hand.

In the fourth round, Chocolatito landed another hard right hand on Estrada which shook him off balance, but he took the punch well and ended the round with a right hand as the bell sounded.

Both fighters continued to throw non-stop punches and in the seventh round Estrada landed a hard combination on Chocolatito and he returned he favor with the best uppercut of the fight and they ended the round by fighting in the middle of ring.

At the beginning of the eighth round, Estrada landed his own uppercut on Chocolatito and now he was the one who began to force the action in the fight, instead of Chocolatito, who had been doing it since the beginning bell.

In the ninth round, Chocolatito landed a hard right hand that rocked Estrada, who took it well and continued to fight as if nothing happened, which showed the tremendous shape he was in.

In the last round, they both came out slugging it out in the middle of the ring with Chocolatito moving forward, as Estrada held his ground until the bell sounded.

Because of the non-stop action, the fight was a difficult one to judge, but one of the judges must have been watching another fight as the cards read 115-113 Gonzalez, 115-113 Estrada, and 117-111 Estrada.


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