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Jaime Munguia Stops The African Allotey In The Fourth Round - FULL PHOTO GALLERY

With new trainer Erik Morales, a boxing hall of famer and former world champion legend in his corner, Mexico's Jaime Munguia (34-0, 27 KO's) stopped the tough Patrick Allotey on Mexico Independence Day.

Because of the close decision he was given in his last fight with Dennis Hogan, many expected a complete change in the way Munguia would look in this fight.

There were subtle changes in his defense, but given that his style of fighting is to seek and destroy, he did a good job of cutting off the ring and dropped Allotey three times in the third round.

From the beginning to the end of the fight, the much larger Munguia was constantly putting the pressure on the faster footed and quicker handed Allotey.

Despite the quicker hands of Allotey, he was never able to land a single punch that hurt Munguia.

In the very first round, it was evident that Munguia was moving his head much more than in his last fight. This is something Morales, his trainer had worked with him on in his training camp for this fight.

Allotey came out with the smart plan by boxing and was able to slip a left hook to the face of Munguia in the latter half of the round, but Munguia forced him into the ropes and landed several heavy punches letting Allotey know that the power is coming.

Just twenty two years old, the young Munguia has very heavy hands, and although not the fastest in the ring, when he plants his feet, a knockout can come at any second.

Although Allotey was able to make it through the first round, it was evident that he was being very careful and did not want to mix it up with Munguia. While Allottey tried to do what Dennis Hogan did in his fight with Munguia, he did not land half as many punches as Hogan was able to do against the young champion. Allotey did land the most punches in this round and was able to connect with a nice left hook and followed that up with a double left hook to the head of Munguia at the end of the round.

At the beginning of the second round, Allotey landed a clean right hand to the right side of Munguia's face, but he just walked right through it. As Mungia chased down Alottey in this round, he missed several punches that he wanted to land as Alottey just ducked himself out of the way. After chasing Alottey from the beginning of this round to the end, Munguia was only able to land a short right glancing hand to the left side of Alottey's face. Alottey appeared to have won the second round.

In the third round, Munguia continued to press the fight and Alottey would counter back and move side to side. Finally, in the latter part of the round, Munguia forced Alottey into the corner and land a left hook to the body and Alottey took a knee. He complained to the referee for getting hit low but it was not called as a low blow.

And in the next few seconds of the fight, Munguia attempted to land an uppercut, and this time he did hit Allotey low unintentionally and the referee let Alottey rest.

Then at the sound of the bell after several punches, Munguia landed a left hook to the head of Alottey and he went down. This was the classic "saved by the bell" moment.

At the beginning of the fourth round it almost looked like Alottey's corner was going to stop the fight after what appeared to be a long conversation between him and his trainer.

As the round proceeded, Munguia finally looked like the fighter his trainer wanted in the previous rounds. He not only was stalking Alottey, he was moving his head and ducking all the counter punches from Alottey.

As he chased Alottey around the ring, he was now connecting with heavy punches and then he landed a left hook to the body and Alottey took another knee. And just as the referee had given him the count, Alottey's corner told the referee to stop the fight Although it appeared that Alottey wanted to continue, apparently his corner decided to call it a night.

And what a night it was for the undefeated Munguia. He made up for the last fight and had the perfect and final round of the fight. The trainer change was apparent and his boxing technique made a small but big improvement as he moves forward in his young boxing career.

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