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King Khan Quits In The Ring

After supposedly getting paid five million dollars for a pay-per-view fight at the Mecca Of Boxing, Amir Khan knew the end was coming after being dropped in the first round, so he took the easy way out. He then decided to quit after a supposed low blow in the sixth round.

Despite having a groin guard and being hit on his leg, not the groin area, he supposedly did not answer to his trainer whether he wanted to continue or not. Whether this happened or not, the fight was stopped and after the fight, Khan claimed it was a low blow and that he could not continue to fight.

Khan made the decision to quit within the first minute of his allotted five minutes to decide whether he could quit or not. He didn't even attempt to recover, he just quit and took the money.

According to boxing rules, he has a full five minutes to recover from the supposed low blow, but he did not follow the rule, he decided to quit before the five minutes.

Leading up to this fight, most boxing fans were skeptical of Khan being a worthy opponent of Terence Crawford, who is considered one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world and by many boxing experts, the best Welterweight in the division. After this fight, it is is clear that Khan not only was not worthy of this fight, he never should have been in this boxing match.

After Khan's lackadaisical performance, it is apparent now that he had no intention of giving it his all to attempt to beat Crawford, he only came to survive and get an easy paycheck

In the very first round, Crawford dropped Khan but he did not have enough time to finish him off, and Khan luckily survived the knockout. Because of this, Khan now knew that he had to figure out some other way to get out of the fight, and he chose to use the excuse of a low blow later on in the fight. See the video and you make your own decision.

After the fight, boxing analyst Teddy Atlas explains how Khan quit in the ring in his own words. See video below:

“The fight I want next is Errol Spence,” Crawford said. “Whenever he is ready he can come and get it.”

Said Top Rank chairman Bob Arum: “We want to fight Errol Spence. Everyone wants the fight. There is one guy stopping it, and that is Al Haymon.”

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