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The "Takeover" Of Teofimo Lopez Continues With Massive KO Of Magdaleno

Not much was said between Teofimo Lopez (12-0, 10 KO's) and the veteran Diego Magdaleno (31-3, 13 KO's) at the weigh-in, but Lopez let his fists do the talking at the Star in Frisco, Texas.

The game Magdaleno appeared to hold his own in the early rounds, but he was never able to land a significant punch on the much younger, faster and stronger Lopez.

In an interview after the fight Lopez boldly admitted that he was carrying Magdaleno throughout the fight.

With all the bragging by Lopez and his Father, who also is his trainer, Lopez is making himself a target, but that is exactly what he wants. He backs up what he and his Father say's and brings KO's and excitement to the ring.

And speaking of excitement, Lopez may have appeared to start off slow, but it was a calculated move for what was to come.

From the beginning of the fight, Lopez was landing clean jabs and early in the second round, he connected with a right hand uppercut as he moved in and around Magdaleno.

At one point in the fight, he stepped left into Magdaleno and threw a backward lightning fast punch with his right hand and winked at the ESPN commentators ringside.

In the sixth round, with Magdaleno bleeding from a cut on his nose, Lopez landed a hard right hand that made Magdaleno almost land flat on his face. The end was near.

In the seventh, Lopez set up Magdaleno with a looping left hook and followed it up with a bigger left hand punch and the game Magdaleno hit the canvas and it was over.

After the fight Lopez said "We are going to fight for world titles, that’s what our goal is. It doesn’t matter who it is and my goal isn’t to fight Lomachenko. My goal is fighting for the titles and whoever has the world titles, that’s who I’m going for.

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