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Ray Ximenez, Jr. Rocks Lagos At The Bomb Factory For A Unanimous Decision - Photos / Post Fight Com

In front of his hometown fans, Ray Ximenez, Jr. (17-1, 4 KO's), the Pride of Pleasant Grove, Dallas, Texas, gave the fans what they wanted. He boxed and brawled his way to a unanimous decision against a very tough Eugeune Lagos (12-5, 1 KO) from the Philippines.

The following is a conversation after the fight with Ray Ximenez, Jr. from Pleasant Grove, Dallas, Texas:

INTHERING: RAY, how did u feel coming into the fight?.....You had a little time did you feel in there?

RAY: I felt good...he was real tough, but I kept the pressure on...I really didn't think it was going to be that tough, but he just didn't want to go down.

INTHERING: I noticed he tried to turn it into a slugfest...and you went ahead and gave him some of that.

RAY: Yeah, I give the fans what they want..and everybody was cheering and getting hyped and I didn't just want to make it a boxing match. If I wanted to make it a dog fight I was going to do that and it seemed like that is what got everybody hyped up, so I stuck to that.

RAY: Being on TV, I wanted to show I could outbox somebody and I could brawl with them, so I ain't scared, either way.

INTHERING: Tell us about your game plan with your Dad, coming into the fight, tell us about that.

RAY: The game plan is pretty much of what I did, I was going to outbox him and see how is power was and keep moving forward and move my head and that's what I did. Unfortunately I got some headbutts and some cuts and stuff, but that's what I like, me getting bloody...that's what keeps me going. He made me bleed and that's what made me mad.

INTHERING: Overall, you did a great job, how do feel about this fight and how you grade yourself.

RAY: I felt good...I probably give myself like an A-...there a few things I need to go back into the gym to work on but it was good and I liked it.

INTHERING: What's next for you?

RAY: Maybe in Cinco De Mayo...I'm scheduled for a fight on that day.

INTHERING: Where can your fans come see you train?

RAY: Dallas Pal in Pleasant Grove, Dallas, Texas. I would also like to say thanks to everybody that came out and supported me and everybody that came out tonight and enjoyed the show and everybody that had my back from the start.

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