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GGG And Canelo Fight To Take Boxing Fans Back When The Best Fought The Best

Those who can remember the Four Kings, that is, Roberto "Manos De Piedra" Duran, Thomas "The Hit Man" Hearns, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, and Sugar Ray Leonard, recall that they came from an era when a boxer didn't duck a fighter for five years and then fight him.

This fight will take you back to that era because the two best middleweights in the world fight for total glory to be considered the best of an era. Each is not afraid to risk it all against a great opponent, unlike fighters that have to look for every advantage before they fight an opponent.

When GGG and Canelo meet, it will be all about trying to seek and destroy, instead of running all over the ring taking pop shots to win on the cards. Don't get me wrong, boxing is about hitting and not getting hit, but when you don't even try to hurt your opponent or knock him out, some will say you are not truly boxing, you are just trying to survive. When you can do what Ali or Sugar Ray Robinson did in the ring, and many many other great fighters did, then you can say you were really boxing.

Canelo has only one loss on his record, but some may say he may have been put in the ring against his opponent too early, but you must give him credit, because he took the challenge. Now he steps up to the challenge against GGG, the best true middleweight in the world. A middleweight who went against a slick boxing cruiserweight in his last fight, and he still beat him.

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