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Roberto Marroquin Opponent Comes In Overweight / Fight Cancelled

Trainer of the Year several times over, Robert Garcia, pulled Dallas' Roberto Marroquín (25-4-1, 18 KO's) out of his fight on Sunday because his opponent John Delperdang (10-2, 9 KO's) came in overweight.

Marroquin was very eager to get this fight, which was on the undercard of the Josesito Lopez (34-7, 19 KO's) / Saul Corral (23-8, 14 KO's) main event on Premier Boxing Champions (PBC), but Delperdang may have been trying to pull a fast one.

According to Robert Garcia, the trainer for Marroquin, he had seen this type of situation before with another fighter of his and it turned out bad. Before the weigh-in, Garcia saw Delperdang sitting down an entire hour, taking it easy, so he thought Delperdang probably was not worried about making weight.

It turned out to be the complete opposite, Delperdang was overweight and Team Delperdang knew their fighter was coming in overweight.

In the past, Garcia said he had a fighter that he allowed to fight after an opponent came in overweight and his fighter got dropped, so he felt it was not fair for Marroquin to take the fight. He went on to say "I have seen this before and I can't allow this to happen to my fighters anymore."

Before the fight, Marroquin had told INTHERING that "things happen for a reason," but he was referring to the past and the opportunity that he was to have in this fight. And although this fight was cancelled, those words can still ring true in a future fight where his opponent can come in making the real professional weight.

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