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Undercard Results On Kovalev / Ward Pound For Pound Mega Fight, Las Vegas

Bout 4 - Featherweight Tyler McCreary wins by Unanimous Decision against Vincent Jennings. 57/57, 59/55, 58,56.

Claressa Shields v Franchon Crews - Crews comes out throwing bombs. Shields starts working that jab.

Rd 2 - Crews pushes Shields to canvas for the second time, but both are not knockdowns. Shields comes back with a vengeance and jabs her way to win 2d rd.

Rd 3 - Even round with Shields forcing the action.

Rd 4 - Two-time gold medalist works her jab and goes toe-to-toe until the bell and missed big right hand at the bell. Shields wins by unanimous decision.

Heavyweights Darmani Rock v Brice Ritani-Coe.

Rd 1 - Both fighters work their jabs to even round.

Rd 2 - Even round, no fireworks from the heavyweights.

Rd 3 - The taller Rock uses his jab to keep the distance. Rock lands a hard right hand heard back into the seats of the quiet crowd at T-Mobile Arena.

Rd 4 - Both fighters exchange jabs until the bell. Darmani Rock goes on to win by unanimous decision. 40-36 40-36, 40-35

Middleweights Curtis Stevens v James DeLaRosa

WBC Continental Americas Championship

Rd 1 - After both fighters work the ring, Stevens lands a left hook and DeLaRosa hits the canvas against the ropes. DeLaRosa recovers quickly and survives the round.

Rd 2 - DeLaRosa composes himself and he holds his own for what appears to be a close round.

Rd 3 - Stevens comes out throwing bombs, but DeLaRosa raises his hand asking for more as the crowd gets excited. DeLaRosa is getting the worse of the exchange, with the left side of his face puffing up. DeLaRosa lands a nice uppercut as he holds his own. DeLaRosa lands a body punch and misses a short uppercut. Crowd applauds their efforts as they boo Kovalev as the big screen shows him entering the arena and cheers for Ward as he is shown entering the arena as well.

Rd 4 - DeLaRosa starts to try and work Stevens as he lands punches on the ropes. Stevens plods forward as he counters punches from the rejuvenated DeLaRosa. Better round for DeLaRosa who raised his hand again at the end of the round.

Rd 5 - After a unanimated fourth round by both fighters, with Stevens appearing to go through the motions, the crowd boos after the bell sounds for the end of the round.

Rd 6 - As DeLaRosa holds his own in the fourth round, he looks more confident as the fight goes on. His corner works his puffed up face in the corner before the bell sounds for the next round.

Rd 7 - Stevens continues plodding forward as the quiet crowd watches DeLaRosa back up and try to stay away from harms way. DeLaRosa' corner now has a cut over his left eye.

Rd 8 - DeLaRosa jabs away as Stevens moves forward. Referee stops fight momentarily as Stevens is taken away a point for a low blow. Boos from crowd as they end the round. DeLaRosa is the busier fighter in the last few rounds.

Rd 9 - An uneventful ninth round, as DeLaRosa continues to jab in his southpaw stance as Stevens looks tired, and looking for that one big punch.

Rd 10 - DeLaRosa kept switching stances throughout the fight, which seemed to bother Stevens. Although Stevens got the quick knockdown in the first round, he appeared to be losing the fight, but he went on to win by unanimous decision to the surprise of the crowd in attendance. 98-90, 96-92, 96-92.

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