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VERGIL ORTIZ, JR. (15-0, 15 KO's), from Grand Prairie, Texas continued his undefeated ways as he overwhelmed Brad Solomon (28-2, 9KO's) in Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio California, which was live on DAZN.

In the second round, Ortiz landed a good left hook as Solomon was backing up on the ropes and continued to land several other punches. He followed that up by going to work on the body and slipping in a nice uppercut.

Solomon did have good movement early on but he was constantly backing up as Ortiz continue to move forward.

In the third round, Solomon was able to move around and get hit less than he had in the first two rounds. But Ortiz was relentless and he caught him with a nice left hook and a right hand in this round.

Soloman was able to land a short uppercut on Ortiz at the beginning of the fourth round, but Ortiz came back and started throwing lots of right hands in a search and destroy assault. Ortiz then landed a big stiff straight left hand jab and Solomon went down to the canvas. After the fight, Ortiz admitted even though he landed the jab, he may have also stepped on Soloman's foot.

After Solomon took the count, Ortiz landed a sharp left hook to the body and Solomon attempted to complain of a low blow to the referee, but the referee did not agree.

As in the four previous rounds, Ortiz continued to put the pressure on Solomon and he then landed a big right hand to the head of Solomon as he was on the ropes and a barrage of shots and Solomon went down for the second time.

After Solomon took the count, Ortiz went after him again in the corner and landed two left hooks and he went down for the third time. The fight was stopped at 2:22 seconds of the fifth round and Ortiz continued with his winning streak and his fifteenth knockout in a row.

Solomon did come to fight, but he was no competition to the knockout artist Ortiz. Solomon looked like he was only there to survive and he couldn't even do that.

Ortiz is a blue chip welterweight that is on the rise but in 2020 his competition needs to be of a better caliber for him to really showcase his talent in this division.

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