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VIDEO: Press Conference / Mikey Garcia - Other Than Weight I Am A Little Better In Everything Spence

[ Spanish interview section at 18:04 - 20:51 of Video ]

Today at the Cowboys Stadium on media day to promote the blockbluster fight between Mikey Garcia (39-0, 30 KO's), the four division champion and Errol Spence (24-0,21 KO's), the IBF Welterweight champion, all was civil and the word that kept coming up was weight.

Reason being is because Spence is obviously much bigger, and he fights in the welterweight division, and according to Robert Garcia, Mikey Garcia's brother and trainer, Spence will probably be stepping into the ring about 15-18 pounds over the official 147 weigh-in limit at fight time. And probably more.

Yes, there is a dehydration clause by the IBF, but the fighters weigh in early in the morning for the fight, but then after making the ten pound limit, they more than likely gain much more weight after three more meals before the fight.

Nevertheless, Garcia said "Other than weight, I am a little better in everything Spence does."

Garcia also went on to say "I'm after legacy, I am daring to be great, I am trying to do things that add to my legacy with this fight against Spence."

Garcia also said "A win over Spence would put me into a special category, and it is possible and the ones that accomplish that, those are the world champions that people remember and I am willing to do that."

When asked what fight he compares this one to, Robert Garcia, Mikey Garcia's trainer and brother, said that the ones that come up are the Mosley fight against DeLaHoya, but the main fight that comes the closest is when Leonard moved up two divisions and fought Marvelous Marvin Hagler.

As for Spence, he appeared very confident and obviously much taller than Garcia at the press conference. Because of the two weight division advantage, Spence is considered the favorite. But in boxing anything can happen, just look back into the history of upsets, and they are numerous.

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