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Fidel Maldonado Jr. Upsets Pablo Cesar Cano At GoldenBoy Fights At The Star In Frisco, Texas

On an outside stage and boxing ring, and in front of an energetic crowd at The Star in Frisco, Texas last night, Fidel "The Atrisco Kid" Maldonado Jr. outpointed the favorite, Pablo "El Demoledor" Cesar Cano by split decision, 97-92, 96-93, 97-92. After a few good rounds of a tactical battle early in the fight, Cano landed a swift left hook that put Maldonado on the canvas. He recovered well and the fight continued.

After a back and forth battle, that went the full distance, Maldonado slowly got back into the fight and in the end, he impressed the judges enough to win a split decision for the vacant WBC Fecarbox Super Lightweight title in front of a stunned crowd.

In the C0-Main event, Joshua Franco dropped Oscar Mojica in the first round in a spirited bout which had fans yelling Mojica's name throughout the fight. In the third round, Mojica began to make some ground as he pressed Franco by connecting with a good right hand that backed up Franco momentarily. But Franco came back and landed a good uppercut on Mojica, and then Mojica ended the round with a glancing right hand. Mojica appeared to have won this close round with the crowd chanting his name throughout the round.

But in the fourth round, Franco, who is trained by Robert Garcia, trainer of the year several times over, came back with a vengeance and landed an uppercut and they both went toe to toe. Franco then continued to land numerous punches as he backed up Mojica on the ropes. In the fifth round, Mojica landed a good right hand that caught the crowds attention, but in the sixth round, Franco landed a bigger right hand that backed Mojica up momentarily.

Throughout the fight, it appeared that Franco was the one landing most of the punches that counted. As they fought in close, Mojica was able to land a good uppercut, but Franco turned the tide by landing numerous punches on Mojica in the corner, which seemed like forever. In the end, Franco appeared to have too many points ahead on the card for Mojica to catch up and it rang true. Franco went on to win by unanimous decision, 79-72, 78-73, 78-73 to win the WBC Youth Silver Super Flyweight Title.

Undercard Results:

Alex Rincon of Dallas stops Saul Palacios at 2:13 of the first round.

Hector "El Finito" Tanajara Jr. defeats Eduardo Reyes by majority decision, 59-55 59-55, 57-57.

Travell Mazion defeats Evan Torres by unanimous decision, 60-54, 60-54, 59-55.

Vergil Ortiz, Jr. of Dallas Texas gets a TKO in the first round against Ricardo Fernandez.

Javier Martinez KO’s Daniel Gutierrez at the two minute mark of the first round.

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